hello it is My Blog

hello it is My Blog

In fo abut me: I enjoy rhythm game arcade game arcade gaming (I am building a Taiko no Tatsujin arcade cabinet..)
Sheena Ringo japanese artist,
Languages (i learn 3 language German Russian Japanese)
retro game console (sega pico beena)
And, also-ly, I have youtube channel ,where I upload videos about anythings.

here are things what i really really like in moment - BtW they mostly music based. Like rhythm gameTaiko no tatsujin

and Sheena Ringo

Taiko no tatsujin is the best because i am building arcade cabinet in order to taiko no tatsujin.
Also, these are the musics what I like


Just Like, Images, and stuff..

D ka
F don
J don
D ka